Daydream Nation

Hearing the intro of Teen Age Riot twice because Lee Ranaldo managed to mix up the structure of the song thus making his other band members confused is forgivable. 20 years have passed since Daydream Nation was recorded, so we give the guy a break. Anyhow, it was a joy - standing at only 10 meters from stage - to see and hear Sonic Youth perform the entire album. And although I didn't see many other bands playing at Pukkelpop this year, the money was enormously well spent. Maybe it's time to start a petition to ask them to perform Goo on their next tour?



Mpatshi exhibition

Eva "Mpatshi" Vanrysselberghe is giving her first exhibition this weekend in Zevergem. You can see a selection of her own drawings in all sizes. There's also a small tv-screen on which you can see her in action while she's setting a tattoo. So, if you like pencil art, drop by and don't forget your wallet of course! More info on



Gui time

After programming for 5 years with VIM and 4 (or more) terminals constantly open on my desktop, I switched to bluefish editor nowadays. I'm still not sure if I work faster with it - agree, copy/paste between files is a timesaver - but at least my colleagues are happy they hear that annoying bell less everytime tabbing wants to give me options. I tried Eclipse first because the svn plugin would really save me more time, but eclipse didn't really ran smooth on my box. Luckily, I have RapidSVN and in combination with trac we are really starting to have a real professional environment at work.

Of course, when someone comes to my desk asking me something, I open up a terminal and start typing like hell; I can't destroy my cool hacker image right ?

I still have one issue at work now: I recently connected a second screen and the only program not running ok was ioquake. The fps on my Fedora 6 box dropped dramatically when I tried to humiliate my colleagues once again. If anyone has solutions or tips to optimize this, let me know.


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Losing an entire post

I just lost an entire post about the Gentse feesten and I'm a bit lazy to try again. So I'll just mention the most important thing: if you ever have the chance to see de Nieweirds, go watch and have a fun evening!


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Multiple select without holding ctrl button

I've put up a test page where you'll find 2 multiple select boxes. You should be able to select multiple options without holding that damn CTRL button. The jquery built into Drupal and my small code snippet takes care of this for you. Please test it out and leave a comment when:

  1. you experience problems. Important, I need to know which browser/os you're on, otherwise, the comment is useless.
  2. you have suggestions to optimize the code.

Please test, so I can post this on the Drupal/Jquery forums. Open source can benefit from all our help!


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