From a far away place I can announce my colleagues at One Agency succesfully launched a new Drupal-powered site, called CarChannel. Although my father is an auto mechanician, I've never been very interested in what's really going on inside a car and I don't really prefer one model. The fact that the CarChannel site has everything to do with cars didn't change that fact, I was mostly interested making sure I got a topspeed site with Drupal with cool features which also looked nice. It's built on 5.3 and for the first time I'm running it on a lighttpd server *with* clean URLS enabled without any problems, even the imagecache module behaves like it should! But anyways, all you people interested in the latest news on cars with lot's of pictures and cool video's, do check out the site. You can even create your own video channel but only with external video content in fase 1. In fase 2 (I guess somewhere in december) you'll be able to add your home made video's of your tuned car!


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Nowadays, I think everybody knows what a Tag Cloud is. It's typically associated with 'web 2.0' - you're free to fill in your own definition of that word. At work today, we received a mail from someone who seems to be higly educated, at least, that's what we think especially since he's a professor on some university. In his mail he talked about 'evocations of thematics' (for the Dutch people: evocaties der thematieken) which he would gladly see on his new website. Although there are almost 30 people at our office, no one really knew what he was talking about, so for this small matter we contacted him and after some explanation we finally realised he was talking about a Tag Cloud. Anybody who has more cool descriptions of common known web terms, feel free to comment!

In the meantime, we did a softlaunch - or a beta-launch as I googlely call it - of the Connectr site. I still have to squash some small bugs, add a few extra features to it and reconfigure the server setup (lighttpd with fastcgi all the way, f*ck apache) before I leave on holiday in november, but I'm quite glad allready with the result. It's built on the Drupal platform and uses external sites like Garagetv and Google for video & maps. Fun to work on, so let's hope this gets some good traffic when the big promotion campaign begins. For those interested in cars, mark the 8th of november, yours truly really built something cool for you!


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Thanks to Nadia, who works at Disney, we got 6 free tickets to spent the whole weekend at Eurodisney in Paris! If you're able to block out the constant musac, it's actually a great place to walk around and revive your childhood memories. Of course, there's quite good action too, especially with the Space Mountain, Star (Wars!) Tours, Aerosmith rollercoaster and so on. There's even a cool show with a crew of stuntman performing a carchase on a huge filmset with explosions, gunfire .. even Herbie shows up at a certain point. One thing's for sure: exciting carchases in movies will never be the same anymore after I've seen the clever tricks the film industry is using. Big thanks to Nadi again!



Human towers

This morning in Barcelona, we went to the Plaça Sant Jaume to see the human towers also called Castell. A group of people try to build a tower and is considered a success if nobody falls during this event. The first one collapsed, but the others formed a perfect tower. Anyway, heading home this evening, let's hope the next DrupalCon is also in a city where at the same time a local festivity is going on!

Fun with tld's

I'm sure I'm not the only Dutch speaking guy who thought about this: registering and then creating a subdomain so you'd get something like this:

It's a pity the .tn tld is restricted for local firms and is quite expensive also, otherwhise I'd just setup one page with a nice picture ;)




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