Multiple select without holding ctrl button

I've put up a test page where you'll find 2 multiple select boxes. You should be able to select multiple options without holding that damn CTRL button. The jquery built into Drupal and my small code snippet takes care of this for you. Please test it out and leave a comment when:

  1. you experience problems. Important, I need to know which browser/os you're on, otherwise, the comment is useless.
  2. you have suggestions to optimize the code.

Please test, so I can post this on the Drupal/Jquery forums. Open source can benefit from all our help!

Theming is done

Creating a cool layout isn't easy, especially if you also want a tableless layout with css. And I'm not that talented to create a new template in a few hours which is funky and 'web 2.0' enough to publish. So I just used my old template and created a new theme for my drupal installation. I'm pretty satisfied with it and testing on firefox and internet explorer went pretty smooth. I personally like the image galleries which use the complete viewport of your browser, so no problem with huge pictures from now on. The only thing left is adding next and previous buttons when browsing through a gallery looking at individual pictures.

Update Jul 3, 10:36 » Next & previous buttons work on the image galleries!

In the meantime, look around and if you encounter some sort of layout problem, let me know!


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Site migration to Drupal

So I moved my site to Drupal. I'm a real fan-boy now, so I couldn't wait any longer to run this excellent piece of software for my own personal site. I'm still busy migrating old data into the new database and setting up a new theme, but in general these are the changes:

  • I'm switching back to English because I'll be posting much more about software again, especially Drupal, since I've received my CVS account.
  • You can comment anonymously - I have a good spam module installed, so no fear of mass bot-comments.
  • Old data and seperate projects are now integrated into Drupal - most of the time in a diminished version:
    1. All the bobspotting pictures are moved to the Bobspotting gallery.

In the meantime, old stuff is still available:

That's it, more news later!




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