My parents took me to the sea every year for two weeks when I was a little boy. The water, the sun and the sand always make me a bit nostalgic when I return there - and sunburned too of course. For the third time now, there is the Triennial for Contemporary Art by the Sea also known as Beaufort. The combination really makes it a very nice day out and you don't have to rush yourself to see everything as you have time untill october. Make sure you checkout 'Le vent souffle ou il veut' in De Haan, which is my favorite for now - 18 other pieces to see though. I've changed the header image on my site, which was an installation from the previous edition, so you have a sneak peak. I didn't take a lot of other photos myself, but I really do think this one is really neat. The biggest suprise however from the trip is the fact that Blankenberge actually is kinda cool .. but now, time to wash away the last though pieces of sand from my feet!

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