The bongo ultimatum

In contrary to Peter's experience, I have to admit that my Bongo experience was much better. The hotel was extremely nice - I wouldn't stay there if I had to pay the full booty though, but hey, looking out of our window at the Casino in Oostendo is quite nice. Together with the Bongo present, we had free tickets to the Ensor Museum, but that wasn't *that* impressive as I though it would be. I had some cool pictures on my gsm, but somehow they were all erased, so try to imagine in your head how they would look like:

  • A clock in the park made out of wood, the date built out of flowers.
  • The Tao bar, a cool trendy restaurent, with some nice lights inside.
  • A Wall-e doll, which we won in the luna-park. Still wondering if I should have chosen the Eva doll ..

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