Moving on and out

It's been a few weeks now since I sold my house where I've lived for 7 years, pretty amazing since I have this internal clock which forces me turn around stuff in my life every 3 years. Who knows if that changed too .. Anyway, I'll be homeless from the beginning of august if I don't start looking around for a new place to spent the next x years of my life - or at least sleep now and then. If you happen to know something around Gent, drop me a note, I'll be very interested to come and take a look if it's me-worthy.

Despite some rumours, I'm not moving out of the country - yet - New York will have to wait for a few years before I settle myself over there. And with the elections coming up, I might be moving to another country faster than expected .. :)


Submitted by Eric on September 2, 2010 - 17:21


I am a Brazilian living in Ghent, doing my PhD at Ghent University in Machine Learning and Robotics and I also work sometimes with Drupal.
My website, made with drupal:

Are you still in Ghent ? I also have to move before October 1st. Have you found anything?

I've started reading about Node Display suite. It seems pretty neat ! Echt leuk !

Vriendelijke groeten,

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