Site migration to Drupal

So I moved my site to Drupal. I'm a real fan-boy now, so I couldn't wait any longer to run this excellent piece of software for my own personal site. I'm still busy migrating old data into the new database and setting up a new theme, but in general these are the changes:

  • I'm switching back to English because I'll be posting much more about software again, especially Drupal, since I've received my CVS account.
  • You can comment anonymously - I have a good spam module installed, so no fear of mass bot-comments.
  • Old data and seperate projects are now integrated into Drupal - most of the time in a diminished version:
    1. All the bobspotting pictures are moved to the Bobspotting gallery.

In the meantime, old stuff is still available:

That's it, more news later!


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