My predictions for 2008

Back from France and into a new year, time for some bold predictions for 2008:

  • I'll make some cool trips, one being to the USA. check!
  • The second (maybe the third, we'll see) of my triplet tattoo project on my arm will be finished. check!
  • I will at least attend one geek conference and maybe speak at one - probably about Drupal. check!
  • Time for daring stuff: a parachute or a bunguee jump or anything that makes my heart go much faster
  • I'll start jamming again, but now with the Canisters and buy that beer I promised to some people Partially check!
  • I'll meet one famous person - preferably Scarlett Johansson - and share a beer with him/her
  • My living room will be reorganised with a big mediashelve where I store all my books and cd's
  • I will create the coolest door to my bureau ever, a bit like this.
  • Rethink my complete pc/media/audio/jukebox setup in my house
  • I will be able to do the Michael Jackson's moonwalk by the end of year. check!


Submitted by Fons on January 7, 2008 - 10:02

"Rethink my complete pc/media/audio/jukebox setup in my house"

Could you this first? So I can copy your setup.

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