While driving between Sint-Niklaas and Mechelen yesterday, we stumbled upon a road sign which said 'Buitenland' (foreign country). At first, I thought this was a joke, because I didn't know there was a town in Belgium named after that. I can imagine the conversations going on between someone actually living there and someone not knowing about this. I wouldn't believe it untill I'd see the passport, but then again, the address isn't mentioned on the new electronic passports if remember correctly - haven't got mine yet. Anyway, I'd love to live there one day! I guess in the excitement of this sign we somehow missed the junction to Mechelen - I really should consider buying a GPS in my car - and ended up on the A12 untill we saw the Atomium. Luckily we still were on time to see the last concert of the Crab Four on Maanrock in Mechelen, the best one I've seen till now. Rumours are they might come back but with a completely new set, but you haven't heard this from me ok?


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