DrupalCon looking back

Apart from the Code Sprint at the MIT tomorrow, DrupalCon Boston is officially over. It was a great experience and a confirmation that I've made the right choice for this wonderfull development framework - not a real cms as some people would like to call it. Some personal hightlights.

Infinite interoperability

Dries' keynote on monday was impressive and inspiring at the same time. Recognizing that Drupal is in fact in it's early stages, he adressed a very strong vision on where Drupal should go. The part where he showed a video about the integration of RDF and sparql combined with his definition of web 3.0 - yeah, it's an ugly word which he also knows - was mindblowing. Another great moment was when Károly Négyesi stood up and applauded (almost like a child) when Dries announced he would extend the development cycle for D7 to 9 months *if* we somehow integrate (simple) unit testing into core (and contrib). Anyone not supporting this idea is just a fool.

Open source is insecure

This is of course not true as you know. It's a quote from the hilarious keynote from Chris Dibona, former editor of /. , now Open Source manager at Google. Leslie Hawthorn also joined the keynote as she is responsible for the Summer of Code and the Google Higly Open Participation Contest which sponsored a lot of drupal students, so hurray for google! Also fun: anyone remember matrix reloaded where Trinity sat in front of a terminal typing 'nmap' ? Well, a gui for nmap was made during the summer of code called UMIT - Use Me Instead Trinity. Fun right ?

More API's

Instead of thousands contrib modules with scattered functionality, more modules are released every day giving us developers a strong api and several of them eventually end up in core also. This not only reduces the huge overhead of having to many contrib modules, it also ensures updates of modules won't break our sites. Modules like AHAH, actions, triggers, messages, notifications and many others all make our life much easier.

There were other worthy moments to remember like seeing a lot of new people, meeting some folks from irc, Roel and I having our own small code sprint with DAST and the Acquia party at the Felt with a gig of Orbit. Drupal rocks! Even literally. Anyway that's it, I'm off to New York on saturday. See you all back on wednesday with a gigantic jet lag!


Submitted by me on March 7, 2008 - 11:37

Wauw, those would not be the highlights of my days:p...the food! it would be the food!
hehe...maar ik kan zien waarom ze de highlights zijn voor u...een beetje...:p

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