Krimson time

Since yesterday, I joined the Krimson guys with only one goal: conquer the world with Drupal - but let's start with Europe first. One of the coolest things of my job description is that I get at least one day per week to work on what my little heart desires. Of course, since we only work with Drupal, things I can do on my spare day should include

  • working on my own contrib modules, documentation being priority number one.
  • following the D7 dev cycle way more closely so I know what's going on for the next release.
  • digg into issue queues of modules which need a port to D6 and help out testing, reviewing and/or writing patches.

That gives me more time in the evening and during the weekend to concentrate myself again on things I've been neglecting the past couple of months. In no particular order: playing music, reading, my girl, other nerd activities or just some simple time off for myself doing absolutely nothing. Fun times ahead I say!


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