RTBF on Drupal

After 3 months of heavy development, RTBF (Radio-Télévision Belge de la Communauté française) was launched yesterday on Drupal. And this is only the first of a few phases still to come. The first launch consists of 3 major parts:

  1. RTBF Info: a news information site with lots of multimedia like images, videos and songs available page- or article-based. In the background, a couple of xmlrpc services are set up to get info for the lotto, belganews, weather and so on. The editors at RTBF can easily add new articles and connect multimedia in every possible way they might think of.
  2. RTBF Media: simply a pool of all multimedia files. Most of them are imported with xmlrpc services making radio emissions, journals etc created at RTBF, available on the web. The Info site (and in the future all other sites from RTBF) can use items from this pool to display in multimedia blocks or an individual article.
  3. RTBF iPlayer: a major flex application which connects to the MediaServer through the amfphp and services module. You can browse all on demand multimedia and soon all streaming channels will be made available too. If you are on the site, you can launch this player by clicking on 'Plus de medias' in the video block on the homepage.

A lot of custom modules were written to get this rolling, but I made the most generic ones available on the d.o. website:

  1. Imagecrop: This module makes a javascript toolbox action available thanks to the power of Imagecache 2.
  2. Blockclone: Adds a new operation to duplicate an existing block defined by other modules.
  3. CCK comment reference: defines a cck field type for referencing a comment.

This is definitely the biggest setup I've done so far and at the same time the last one at my current work. I'm starting at a new place within two weeks, more news on that later, let's keep it as a suprise!


Submitted by Sven Decabooter on June 4, 2008 - 21:05

Impressive work Kristof!
I just watched the screencast of the Imagecrop module: definitely something I should check out in detail. It seems very cool at first sight.
Good luck on the new job BTW :)

Submitted by Jo on June 4, 2008 - 22:44

Great job Kristof ! It so cool to see high profile sites using Drupal.

And thanks for sharing the modules with the Drupal community; we know you spend a lot of your free time to polish them.

Submitted by Karim Boudjema on August 28, 2008 - 17:48

Nice job Kristof!!
I really like Drupal (a real CMS and it’s Belgian !!! we can proud of…) but I always have problems with the hosting solution (RAM, caching and Mysql access).
I would like to implement a Drupal site for a newspaper here in Bolivia (30 000 visits per day), but I’m afraid of the hosting solution. Could you tell us what kind of hosting solution did you chose or the server configuration you implemented? Thanks and best regards from Bolivia.


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