Mobile uploads on your drupal site

I'm a proud owner of an iPhone since a week now and I'm completely hooked on it. Being able to read my mail, check my facebook status or lookup a street on google maps is simply amazing and handy too. I'm also a fan of taking pictures with a mobile phone. In the past, I had to download the pictures and upload them manually on my site which is stupid right ? With the facebook application on your iPhone, it's possible to upload pictures to your facebook account, but I really don't want to maintain 2 galleries or abandon my own site. Luckily, I'm a Drupal addict and 2 very cool modules called Mailhandler and Mailsave come to the rescue. Mailhandler enables you to connect to a mailbox and retrieve messages and submit them as nodes on your site. Mailsave has a submodule called 'Mail to image' which connects with Image. So from now on, all new images in my Random photos gallery will be mailed via my iPhone to a special e-mail address and processed thanks to mailhandler - and Drupal of course!

Note, although the mailsave project page tells you to download the project from HEAD, you can safely download the latest D6 release which works perfectly with image alpha4.


Submitted by Justin on December 3, 2009 - 18:05

Thanks for all the tips. I finally got this working on my site. My only issue, and maybe I'm missing something here, is that when I create a view of all my image content that I've mailed to my site I can't get the images to display.

I can't get the images to show in my view. I can link to them individually. Any thoughts on what connection my brain is NOT making here?

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