Display suite slides from DrupalCamp Gent

First day of DrupalCamp Gent is over and it was really nice to see many new people attending this time, the Belgium community is really growing baby! And the regular bunch was present too, always nice to see old faces back for a nice chat. I also gave a presentation about the Display suite module and the first reactions were positive, got some good feedback and a few interesting feature requests, so I think we're on a good track here. If anyone's interested in my slides, they are attached at the end of this post.

A few people also asked me if it was safe to start using the module(s) in production. The simple answer is yes, the API is frozen and stable. Node displays and contributions are also stable to use on your website and we're busy working to finish the user and comments part. Our goal is to roll out a first official release on new years eve, a nice present to start a new decennium.

display-suite-drupalcamp-gent-2009.pdf943.27 KB

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