Drunken butterfly

As last year on pukkelpop, Sonic Youth played a lot of songs from Daydream Nation - probably the best album they made imho - during their set on the Lokerse feesten yesterday. But they also played other old material like Mote (from Goo) and Drunken Butterfly (from Dirty) (and a couple of other songs too, but I can't recall on which album they are). Especially the latter song, one of my favorites on Dirty, now sits in my mind as one of the most breathtaking live experiences ever heard, especially when the madness in the song really started (listen closely from 1:16, pure madness). I remember the Pixies a few years ago in Barcelona and Frank Black screaming Tame at the end of the song. And I also .. well nevermind, I'm going to listen to the song again and drown away in nostalgia.

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