Drupal PicLens module mentioned on Cooliris blog

A few weeks ago, the crew of Cooliris contacted me for some more info about the Drupal PicLens module I wrote. They now published an article on their blog with some of the answers I gave them. I hope I didn't say anything stupid though .. The story also mentiones the Phoca Gallery for Joomla! with PicLens support, so I guess every major framework/cms out there is picking up the hype of PicLens and MediaRSS.

People who attented the closing session at Boston in March surely remember the awesome slideshow with pictures of the entire DrupalCon. Well, now you can enable PicLens support for images on your very own Drupal site. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out the implementation of PicLens (lite) on my own image gallery of Random pictures, just click on the 'start slideshow' link. Drupal and PicLens: a very sexy combination if I say so!

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