Gigs this summer

During the summer period, I always seem to attend more live concerts than during the rest of the year. I've allready missed out some bands I really wanted to see like Pinback and Dinosaur Jr on Cactus and My Morning Jacket at Werchter - crossing fingers MMJ comes to Belgium again, alone! But starting from sunday, I'm going to catch up a bit, so here are some places you can find me:

  • Sun 20/7 : Charlatan Gent, Helder
  • Sat 2/8 : St-Denijs - Dioniss festival, with Madensuyu
  • Tue 5/8 : Lokerse Feesten, Sonic Youth & Supergrass
  • Sat 16/8 : Pukkelpop, with my new personal favorite Two Gallants
  • Last weekend of August: SZIN festival in Szeged (Hungary), I happen to be there on conference, so why not stop by. Not a lot of big names actually, but Morcheeba is on the list.
  • 3rd weekend of september: Leffinge Leure with Heavy Trash!
  • Fri 3/10 : Botanique, Bon Iver

Anyone else having some good tips, let me know!

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