Gui time

After programming for 5 years with VIM and 4 (or more) terminals constantly open on my desktop, I switched to bluefish editor nowadays. I'm still not sure if I work faster with it - agree, copy/paste between files is a timesaver - but at least my colleagues are happy they hear that annoying bell less everytime tabbing wants to give me options. I tried Eclipse first because the svn plugin would really save me more time, but eclipse didn't really ran smooth on my box. Luckily, I have RapidSVN and in combination with trac we are really starting to have a real professional environment at work.

Of course, when someone comes to my desk asking me something, I open up a terminal and start typing like hell; I can't destroy my cool hacker image right ?

I still have one issue at work now: I recently connected a second screen and the only program not running ok was ioquake. The fps on my Fedora 6 box dropped dramatically when I tried to humiliate my colleagues once again. If anyone has solutions or tips to optimize this, let me know.

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