Imagecrop on drupal cvs

I just added my imagecrop module to cvs on Drupal. A 5.x development version should be out soon, so everyone is invited to test and submit patches. A lot of things need to be optimized, especially the javascript and css. If anyone is interested being a co-maintainer, I'd be glad to give access to cvs also.

This module makes a javascript toolbox action available thanks to the power of Imagecache 2. It can currently 'hook' into the image module and cck imagefield widget. It provides a 'javascript crop' link on the edit form of an image node or a node with an imagefield widget. The popup window displays all available imagecache presets with a javascript crop action. In your theming you can use the imagecache theme function with a preset and the imagecache action makes a database call to choose the right crop area you have chosen.

More info, CVS and downloads on and a screencast is also available.

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