The title of this post is a good summary how the human mind is capable of doing things you'd only imagine: building tons of skyscrapers, multiple long suspension bridges, a complete underground subway network on a very small piece of land but also doing stupid things like shooting down people you envy. My second day in New York started at strawberry fields, a memorial for John Lennon in Central Park, hence the title if you look at the picture. It was the only moment where I took some more time instead of rushing away to my next destination. The past two days, I lived like the cliché New Yorker is described mostly: fast and always busy. Can't really tell how much miles I allready walked and spent on the subway, but my legs sure are tired and having a break right now at the hostel is refreshing. I'll definitely have to come back some day because 2 and a half days simply ain't enough. One thing is certain: I love New York city - don't worry, I won't buy a t-shirt/hat/whatever - and if I'd have the opportunity to get a job here for like 6 months, I wouldn't hesitate at all.

Anyway, off again to take a look at NYC in the dark. Turn on the Bright Lights baby!

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