No real promises

You won't catch me declaring big predictions for 2009, I did it last year and only half of those promises made it. Although, let me contradict myself: I'll be looking out where Benji-Fun will be around this year and do a bungee jump, that's one thing that I can pull off, right ? At least one highlight without much effort this year is march 2 when I leave for Washington and New York - did I mention that The Big Apple stole my heart last year? - for the upcoming Drupalcon which should rock - again!

However, there is no harm in having small and easy wishes me thinks, so I've put ice-skating, carting and a new-years dive in ice cold water as todo's before 2/3. Anyone ?

update: paintball will be moved more to the summer, in this weather it's simply crazy - although one good argue about the dive which I'll attend at the blaarmeersen on the 18th of january.

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