Node displays and Display suite now agile driven

For a few months now, every project at work is handled in an agile way with the SCRUM principle and our development team gets a free day every two weeks to work on their own projects using the same technique. This gives us a good overview where we are and what we want to do in the future. Most projects during our free time is done on modules we're using in projects which we're contributing back to the Drupal community. Most of my time went into Node displays and Display suite and after a few iterations we're pleased to announce some good news!

The original version of ND and ND contrib is now available in the 6--1 branch and will be maintained only for bug fixes. We've not yet released an official version, but the API is finally frozen, so you can start testing without fearing to upgrade in the future. New features will go in the 6--2 branch which is dependant on DS. There is no real upgrade path between both branches, so make sure you make the right decision before starting on a project.

DS, short for Display suite, is an API which makes it possible to control the display of any data object (nodes, comments, users ..) in every context (full node, full user view, teaser, ...). The project page lists modules which are already available, some of which are pretty stable (nd) while others still need some love (ud and cd).

As you can see in the picture, we still have a lot of tasks we want to implement, but it's really keeping us focused and motivated :)


Submitted by Putte on November 16, 2009 - 23:32

Maybe someday i'll have enough php knowledge to use the full potential of this module, but for now I’ll stick to tokens ;-)
Great module, which even I can use ;-)

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