Orphaned projects

A small list of my first open source projects, now given up for various reasons.


ExtCalendar was founded somewhere in 2001 and became a quite big succes at a certain moment. At one point, even NASA used it on one of their subsites. You can still grab the source of version 1 and 2 from CVS at the Sourceforge pages. Somewhere in 2004, Mohamed Moujami took over the project and was responsible for version 2. I'm not sure whether his planning to release a new version, but nothing is keeping anyone to help him of course :)


Dave/Dina is a redhat-based media center, founded by Thomas Van Der Stichele and is still available via CVS. I helped him out testing stuff, writing back- and front-ends and (last but not least) configuring mame stuff so we could play Puzzle Bobble with all of our housemates. Those were the days ...


MySQL-Formmaker is a tool for creating easy administration forms and output of data. You define your forms, types of input, order, and so on, and the system makes a database for you, along with the admin and output files. You can change the layout of the output files. MySQL field-types supported are INT, VARCHAR, TEXT, DATE, and DATETIME. Input fields supported are NONE, TEXT, TEXTAREA, RADIO, CHECKBOX, SELECT, and FILE-UPLOAD. It helped me and some friends creating back- and front-ends for websites without doing much coding. Source is still available at the bottom or on mysqlfm.sf.net.


This script gets the calendar dates from your gsm and creates two files:

* a cute html file with some nice javascripting with the events in a nice popup layer. The javascript will display the current month of the current year.
* write a iCal (.ics) file which can be read by your email client (in my case evolution). This part is a bit experimental for now. Let me know if it should be updated.
Tip: if you want to delete all entries in the evolution calendar, use killev.
It works for reminders and birthdays (for now).

This is tested with gammu (http://www.gammu.org/wiki/index.php?title=Gammu:Main_Page) on Fedora Core 4 (GNU/Linux) with my Nokia 3100. No guaranties this will work on another model, I only tested it with my mobile phone. Download and more info at the bottom.

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