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Contextual links backport - more or less

Drupal 7 now comes with the contextual module which makes it very easy to edit your site as there are inline action links available on your content, blocks and so on. There are a few modules out there available for D6 - block edit and admin:hover come to mind - which offer the same functionality but are different when it comes to interface and/or extendability.

We decided to write a new module from scratch with the UI in mind of the D7 version, also taking care of performance and the need for easy extendability including hooks (duh) and static actions which allows us to have a static variable during the page request which can collect stuff from all over the place. You can test it out at with demo/demo. Surf to the 'articles' page which has contextual links for views, nodes & blocks.

What happens next ?

  • I could contrib this back and ignore all other efforts out there.
  • Merge this with block edit (or another) but with another branch (and also another name).
  • Commit this as a complete new project but with a good comparison to other modules.
  • Simply do nothing, saves me another project I need to maintain .. :)

So, let me know what you think, add comments, mail or ping me on IRC if you want to have a talk about this.

Update 17/03: code is available at

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