Getting more reviewers involved for Drupal 7: unofficial BOF

There has been some discussion on the mailing list previous week concerning lack of reviewers for drupal patches. One of the reasons that came up was the fact it takes some time to set up a new clean environment to test a new patch. Given: download latest head (or better checkout from cvs), create or empty (existing) database, setting permissions, apply patch, add content, test by hand, run all simpletests, do some benchmarks (with every possible caching in mind) .. it does involve some point and click.

While doing some benchmark tests this week for the DBTNG patch (congrats Crell!), I probably repeated this complete set of tasks a couple of times - however, I didn't mind, it's for the benefit of everyone: Drupal, patch writers and also myself. Wow, that really sounds terribly squishy right ?

Anyway, at DrupalCon Boston, Roel and I experimented at bit with DAST, got it working on command-line and also within an eclipse environment, but never really worked out a clean battle plan to make it perfect. Our plan for Szeged is to work again on this, make it completely perfect so anyone on a *nix environment should be able to setup a new head with only one command (or click in eclipse) in like only 30 seconds. We'll create a dast profile and come up with some other tricks - maybe one or two other small bash scripts and after that, following should be possible:

  • CVS checkout from HEAD
  • Install database
  • Generate content with devel/drush
  • Apply patch
  • Run all simpletests (optional)
  • Run benchmark tests (optional)
  • Generate reports from previous two actions

I know, this sounds ambitious, but it really isn't *that* hard to achieve. If you have other ideas or if you're interested in helping out, contact us, we are those guys carrying tons of chocolate for the Testing Party!

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