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Launch of the new Boek.be site

Today we relaunched the new Boek.be website. With a tight deadline to bring this project online in only 3 weeks because tomorrow it's the start of 'Boekenbeurs', Belgian's famous annual book fair, we're more than happy of what we've achieved in that small period. Users can register and create their own collection of favorite books, add comments, rate and share them on facebook and/or twitter. There's more to come in the next few weeks, but it's a nice start.

I briefly want to highlight 2 main Drupal modules we use extensively in the site. The first one is Apache Solr. With over 250k of nodes (and growing), this was an obvious decision. We all know Drupal core search isn't the best in performance and decent searches. We used all hooks available to manipulate searches and as good Drupal citizens contributed some patches back to the community. There is still one left which we'd like to go in, so please review!

I'm biased for the second one, since I'm one of the maintainers, but the site (and also Stubru.be) uses modules grouped in the Display suite concept. Our themers love it, no more fiddling with node, views, user, whatever templates, just CSS. Our account managers love it, they use the interface to manipulate each context if the client asks for a little change without asking us themers or developers. And we developers love it, we have hooks :)

We're working on a document which we'll post somewhere next week on d.o with a more detailed description on how the site was built, so stay tuned!


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