Drupalcon San Francisco and Display Suite

Due to Volcano activity on Iceland, I wasn't able to get to San Francisco for the biannual DrupalCon fest. But the Drupal community is that enthousiastic that we are setting up our own DrupalVolCon parties in Europe, already going on in London, Paris and in Antwerp. I'm supposed to give a session about Display Suite on wednesday, and that still might happen: we're busy testing and setting up streaming servers so we are able to stream our presentation on the internet at the time our sessions should take place in SF. All looks fine for now, so take that Eyjafjallajökull!

If you want to attend the session in Belgium, more info is available on http://belgium.drupalvolcon.com/

Update: we recorded the session and it's now available also on vimeo. Slides are at the bottom.

Display Suite profile

Related to our presentation, we just created a Display Suite profile containing all modules which are supported by Display Suite. We don't enable all modules by default in the installation profile, we just wanted to package them all, so you know what's possible.

We also packaged the Nodeform Columns module which enables you to organise your node forms in an easy way. If you don't really care about fieldgroups on the node form page, but need them on the front-end, you don't need to enable fieldgroups from CCK. The same applies to the tabs and cck fieldgroup tabs module, which are also included in the profile. Display Suite has this functionality by default.

You can see the full list of modules at http://drupal.org/node/775524, together with downloads of the profile and the packaged version of all modules with or without Drupal core included.

Important: some modules (like gmap and location) require the dev version to work properly, but for obvious reasons, the packed profile only contains official releases.

Anyway, sad I'm not there, but we're having fun here also!

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