Ditch my guitar ?

I was planning to buy a new guitar this month(*), but after seeing Notwist this weekend at the Cactusfestival, I should maybe consider buying a Wii and see if I can also create sounds just like Martin Gretschmann. It's funny to see him control his sequencers with his 2 Wii remotes, although I would like to see a picture from stage to really confirm that he isn't playing tennis .. I currently have 2 remotes at home, so the next nerd night I'd like to try and install drivers to control something on my Mac (yeah, don't bash) .. As expected, Cactus this sunday really was great and as usual with very nice art in the park.

(*) instead I had to come up with a financial plan because I completely forgot that changing jobs is a disaster in july when payday arrives - and if you rely on that fact when ordering a lot of stuff with your visa card .. :)


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Creative food

It would be quite childish to add this to my Amazon wish list, however, I really need one for an experiment I would like todo inspired by this cool post. So, if your kids have one of those play-doh extruders, let me know. Maybe an idea for the next nerd night to create geeky cookies .. Thomas, Fons .. I'll make Drupal* cookies of course :)

* that's the 8th post in a row I mention Drupal heh - however, for all you people who thought my new layout was boring, the old one is back ..


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