Why you should come to DrupalCon Prague

First of all: I'm a featured speaker. I'll be hosting a session called 'Drupal 8 for Site Builders'. Come and watch to get an overview of all the wonders and power Drupal 8 has for creating a site. However, there are other reasons to attend DrupalCon Prague, and they are not Drupal related at all.

Kutná Hora

Kutná Hora is a little town, about 80 kilometers away from Prague, world known for its Sedlec ossuary which contains a lot of human bones, used for decorating the inside. While this may sound luguber, a visit to this small chapel is not something you will ever forget. And if you don't go inside, the top of the chapel has a skull, they really thought about everything. The easiest way to get there is by train and even arriving in the small station is worth travelling. I have seen it already, but will be going again, so feel free to join me.

CERN opendays

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is opening its doors on 28th and 29th of september for the public for it so called CERN opendays. CERN lies in Geneva, Switserland, about 8 hours driving from Prague, or maybe 1 hour flying by plane. You'll be able to go down 100 meters underground and look at the Large Hadron collider and all other amazingly cool experiments scientists and engineers perform. Unless you are Daniel "dawehner" Wehner, you don't get that many chances to visit this place in your lifetime, especially since they only open it up publicly every 4 years. Tickets are for sale starting August, so keep an eye on the website if you want to go. That means I won't be attending the post-sprints, but honestly, I can live with that.

September is here, I'm on holiday

This is going to be a short post, because, well, I'm on holiday :) I'm currently in Paris for my fifth DrupalCon, pretty amazing, mostly hacking the time away during the day. I'll be back on sunday for another two lazy weeks with some small trips now and then .. aah life can be great! Till then, santé!

And for my buddies at work, here's a great picture, I'm sure you'll understand :)


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The search for Banksy

Just got back from 3 days visiting Bristol, especially for the Banksy vs Bristol Museum exhibition. There is one room fully dedicated to his work, but the museum also gave him the freedom to alter pieces from the permanent collection. The effect is that you simply keep on searching every room for his work, very entertaining and sometimes extremely funny. More info on, you still have time untill the 31st of august, definitely worth a visit! Another interesting fact is that you can actually go out on the streets and start searching for the still remaining graffiti pieces from Banksy on the walls or amaze yourself at the art from other artists, which are really astonishing most of the time ..

The bongo ultimatum

In contrary to Peter's experience, I have to admit that my Bongo experience was much better. The hotel was extremely nice - I wouldn't stay there if I had to pay the full booty though, but hey, looking out of our window at the Casino in Oostendo is quite nice. Together with the Bongo present, we had free tickets to the Ensor Museum, but that wasn't *that* impressive as I though it would be. I had some cool pictures on my gsm, but somehow they were all erased, so try to imagine in your head how they would look like:

  • A clock in the park made out of wood, the date built out of flowers.
  • The Tao bar, a cool trendy restaurent, with some nice lights inside.
  • A Wall-e doll, which we won in the luna-park. Still wondering if I should have chosen the Eva doll ..




The title of this post is a good summary how the human mind is capable of doing things you'd only imagine: building tons of skyscrapers, multiple long suspension bridges, a complete underground subway network on a very small piece of land but also doing stupid things like shooting down people you envy. My second day in New York started at strawberry fields, a memorial for John Lennon in Central Park, hence the title if you look at the picture. It was the only moment where I took some more time instead of rushing away to my next destination. The past two days, I lived like the cliché New Yorker is described mostly: fast and always busy. Can't really tell how much miles I allready walked and spent on the subway, but my legs sure are tired and having a break right now at the hostel is refreshing. I'll definitely have to come back some day because 2 and a half days simply ain't enough. One thing is certain: I love New York city - don't worry, I won't buy a t-shirt/hat/whatever - and if I'd have the opportunity to get a job here for like 6 months, I wouldn't hesitate at all.

Anyway, off again to take a look at NYC in the dark. Turn on the Bright Lights baby!


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