An italic pipe

Take a very good look at following 2 characters:  / (*1) and /. If you are familiar with a keyboard and a bit of html, you'll find out soon that the first is a pipe ( | ) between <em> tags, which is used on the web to display things in italic. The second is just a plain simple forward slash. Where am I going you think ? Well, I heard a story today from a colleague who once got a question from a friend asking how he could make the pipe sign on his keyboard italic so he could finally enter a website in the address bar of his browser. After all those stressing hours today and yesterday, this was the icebreaker for me and other people at work. We have a blackboard on our wall where we simply added this: http:<em>||</em> People who don't understand it, don't worry. Those who do: it was so funny this afternoon when we heard about this, I guess it's probably stupid when you're reading it. Nevertheless, I think this would suit in the 'horrible questions for a helpdesk' sphere. Oh yeah, and we also launched Expo 58 today. *1 If you are reading this on oerwoud, this doesn't have the effect I'm aiming at, you should look at the original post


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