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Drupal 8 logo Pepper's ghost illusion

Turning your smartphone into a hologram projector has become fairly popular nowadays, although it's technically called Pepper's ghost to create the illusion. Anyway, I had to try it myself too, right ? Building the pyramid isn't that hard and the first try-out is pretty cool to be honest.

So with that going fine, I opened up Blender to create my own animation just for fun. I took the Drupal 8 logo, ripped it apart and let it build itself up again. I quickly wrote an Android application that would just play 4 videos on a surface; and each video in a different rotation. The app is attached at the end if you want to try it out yourself (works well on Motorala, with Lollipop). If all goes well, I'll make it possible to select your own video and make the code public on GitHub. But for now, just enjoy the video. Or start building your own pyramid, it's really fun.

I've also created one with the Druplicon, based on on a model made by @berkes

Mobile support for chosen

Chosen is a jQuery plugin which makes select boxes more user-friendly. Currently, support is disabled on mobile devices for various reasons. Enabling the support requires a hack in the source code for now in the AbstractChosen.browser_is_supported function to return true when the userAgent finds Android or iPhone/iPad. You can download the patched version at the bottom (or detail) of the article. The current version is 1.1.0

Chosen will now be enabled on mobile, but touching the element will not work nicely since the plugin doesn't listen for the touchstart event to trigger the functionality. Opening the select box requires touching the element for at least a couple of seconds, which isn't really user-friendly. Luckily, there's an easy way to get around this by writing a couple lines of javascript:

    // Chosen touch support.
    if ($('.chosen-container').length > 0) {
      $('.chosen-container').on('touchstart', function(e){
        e.stopPropagation(); e.preventDefault();
        // Trigger the mousedown event.

That's it, fully functional chosen support on mobile devices!


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Crowdsourced translation of Gentse Feesten application

July is approaching fast, which means that Ghent is getting ready for yet another 10 days of celebrating. Just like last year, we'll release our app to make sure you know your way around. Some events are public already of which one is my top favorite so far: Madensuyu is playing on the Boomtown festival on july 22. You will not regret attending that gig!

Last year, the Android version was only available in one language, namely Dutch. This year, we want try todo a little better and get as many languages supported as possible: I'm thinking of English, Spanish, German, Italian, French to begin with. But don't hesitate to translate in any language :) Another plus would be translating everything to Gentsch, the local dialect from Gent. So, I'm looking for people who are willing to translate the strings which should only take maybe 30 minutes of your time. You'll also be credited on the Google Play store, inside the app and in code. One remark: you can leave the locations as is, there's no value in translating those.

I've uploaded all strings using Google's Translator Toolkit which has a friendly interface hiding away the XML. If you have a google account, send me your e-mail through the contact form or just let me know in case I have your contact details already. If you feel comfortable hand editing XML files directly, you can also download the file underneath and send it back to me.

Current status

  • Dutch - needs some update
  • English - needs revision
  • French - done - Thank you Katrien!
  • German - done - Thank you Katrien!
  • Spanish - done - thank you Ruben Teijeiro!
  • Polish - done - thank you Jakub Piasecki!
  • Hungarian - done - thanks you Zsófi Major!
  • German - ongoing

Not a translator, but a die-hard coder ?

The code is still free, so you're welcome to hack along on GitHub.

An open source app for DrupalCon Prague

DrupalCon Prague is approaching fast. In a few days, Drupal folks from all over the world will gather together in Prague to sprint, attend sessions, have fun etc. A few days ago, I was searching to see whether there was a mobile application available and turns out it wasn't. So me and a friend volunteered to create one based on the DrupalCamp app we've created a few weeks ago. They might be basic, but they do the job fine when you quickly want to check the schedule of the whole week.

The apps will be available for Android and iOS. The Android version is available on Play Store, the iOS version is currently in review, so fingers crossed!

Features include:

  • Built with speed in mind: native app
  • Works offline
  • Sessions and speakers
  • Create your schedule
    Note, does not sync with your account.
  • Maps integration when online


The code is available on GitHub, so anyone can easily send in bug reports, interface translations or create pull requests to make the applications even better. You can of course reuse and/or extend the code for future DrupalCons.

Proudly built by @swentel, @TimLeytens and @leenvs.

An open source app for DrupalCamps

On september 14 and 15, Leuven will host the annual Belgium DrupalCamp. During those two days, people come together learning and discussing the open-source content management system Drupal. The program will be available on the website, but we decided to also create an application this year. We've tried to make it abstract as possible, so other Drupal events can easily built from the source code which is available online.

The apps will be available for Android and iOS. As soon as the program is ready, we'll publish them, so keep an eye out for the camp website, twitter or, of course, this article. The Android version is available on Play Store.

Features include:

  • Built with speed in mind: native app
  • Works offline
  • Sessions and speakers
  • Mark your favorite sessions
  • Maps integration when online


The code is freely available on GitHub, so anyone can easily send in bug reports, interface translations or create pull requests to make the applications even better.

Proudly built by @swentel, @TimLeytens and @leenvs.

So, who will make the Windows mobile and Firefox version ?


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