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Multiple select without holding ctrl button

I've put up a test page where you'll find 2 multiple select boxes. You should be able to select multiple options without holding that damn CTRL button. The jquery built into Drupal and my small code snippet takes care of this for you. Please test it out and leave a comment when:

  1. you experience problems. Important, I need to know which browser/os you're on, otherwise, the comment is useless.
  2. you have suggestions to optimize the code.

Please test, so I can post this on the Drupal/Jquery forums. Open source can benefit from all our help!

Drupal multiple select jquery test

Note: this code is old, but left here for legacy reasons. The example doesn't work anymore!

You should see 2 multiple select boxes. If your javascript is enabled, you should be able to select multiple options without holding the CTRL button. The jquery remembers those for you. Toggle works fine. If you think you have improvements or experience problems with your browser/os, leave a comment at the bottom. Firefox 2 and galeon on Linux are tested and work fine.

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