This saturday I attended a show of Ter bescherming van de jeugd, some fine new Belgian cabaret. If you haven't seen them yet, be sure to catch them when they perform somewhere in your neighbourhood. Dries and Tim did a hell of a performance, but one thing that hunted me for two days was the name of a song they hilariously adapted to 'Niemand' - everyone remember the growing madness in Dries' laughter while playing on his contrabass ? I knew I heared it before but couldn't put my finger on it. Untill now. I had one lead, I heard Johnny Cash's voice singing it in my head so I pulled out all the music I had from him and the answer is on American III: Solitary Man. Turns out it's a cover of Nobody, a very old song by Egbert Austin Williams. So if you have that CD in your collection, put it on and skip to number five or click here to listen. Enjoy, no thanks!


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I can't wait for the weekend to begin

I'm heading for a cultural weekend with lots of music starting tonight at Rock Ternat. Really looking forward too see De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig & Arsenal playing live. Hoping to get some more inspiration too, to get behind drums and guitar tomorrow and ending the day with Madensuyu at the Chantier. And on sunday you can find me at the museum of Maaseik to look at the terracota army of Xi'an. Looking forward to that for various reasons.

Being a sucker for lyrics, the title of this post is one, so let's end with one of Madensuyu's:

I'm not a home, so you call me home baby!


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Drunken butterfly

As last year on pukkelpop, Sonic Youth played a lot of songs from Daydream Nation - probably the best album they made imho - during their set on the Lokerse feesten yesterday. But they also played other old material like Mote (from Goo) and Drunken Butterfly (from Dirty) (and a couple of other songs too, but I can't recall on which album they are). Especially the latter song, one of my favorites on Dirty, now sits in my mind as one of the most breathtaking live experiences ever heard, especially when the madness in the song really started (listen closely from 1:16, pure madness). I remember the Pixies a few years ago in Barcelona and Frank Black screaming Tame at the end of the song. And I also .. well nevermind, I'm going to listen to the song again and drown away in nostalgia.



Gigs this summer

During the summer period, I always seem to attend more live concerts than during the rest of the year. I've allready missed out some bands I really wanted to see like Pinback and Dinosaur Jr on Cactus and My Morning Jacket at Werchter - crossing fingers MMJ comes to Belgium again, alone! But starting from sunday, I'm going to catch up a bit, so here are some places you can find me:

  • Sun 20/7 : Charlatan Gent, Helder
  • Sat 2/8 : St-Denijs - Dioniss festival, with Madensuyu
  • Tue 5/8 : Lokerse Feesten, Sonic Youth & Supergrass
  • Sat 16/8 : Pukkelpop, with my new personal favorite Two Gallants
  • Last weekend of August: SZIN festival in Szeged (Hungary), I happen to be there on conference, so why not stop by. Not a lot of big names actually, but Morcheeba is on the list.
  • 3rd weekend of september: Leffinge Leure with Heavy Trash!
  • Fri 3/10 : Botanique, Bon Iver

Anyone else having some good tips, let me know!




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