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Nerd night IV

One of my tasks on the Nerd Night yesterday was importing a custom php written blog into a Drupal installation. A simple import script querying basic info like title, date & body from the custom tables and doing a node_save($node) was a piece of cake, so after one hour, a good 500 entries were imported into Drupal. There was one small thing I couldn't fix immediately: those damn MS Word single & double quotes. For some reason, trying to import those made the rest of the entry disappear, so we had to manually copy/paste some of them as I didn't found an immediate solution. If anyone has some tips to fix this, let me know.

Also Drupal related, I got a mail this morning from an (old new - don't ask) colleague for an invitation to a party. To my big suprise, the Druplicon is on the leaflet but I honestly have no freaking idea why they used it. Not sure if I'm going to attend too ..

And to end with: I'm looking for new maintainers for PicLens and User types, I simply don't have enough time and/or interest to keep maintaining them fully, so anyone interested, file an issue in the webmasters queue and it's yours!


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Nerd Night

Less than two weeks after Peter came with the idea, Thomas invited us yesterday to organize the first Nerd Nights at his place in Brussel. We could introduce it also with the following new proverb:

When the girl is out of house, nerds arrive to play with their mouse (*)

Although I arrived first I didn't do that much yesterday:

  • upgraded my laptop to fedora 9 which allready took more than one hour and a half or so.
  • playing GTAIV on full HD television. I really should consider buying one too.
  • upgraded Peter's site to Drupal 6.2. Note to Thomas and Wiebe: install eaccelerator to speed up PHP on your servers and play around a bit with mysql cache, it will make your machine and cpu happy.

Besides these things, I got some good inspiration when Thomas lead me around his new place. The speakers installed in the bathroom or outside is a simple, yet very effective idea to get music all over the place. I need to start thinking where I'm going to install those things in my house. After I convince my girl this is a cool/good idea. I also need to start fabricating this cool door - with another sign - so 2 good ideas to keep my inner nerd busy the following months.

I'm willing to play host for the next one. We can have a huge MAME tournament on my home made arcade machine, while Thomas is installing Elisa in my cinema room ;)

(*) Other slogans are welcome of course!


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