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Nerd night IV

One of my tasks on the Nerd Night yesterday was importing a custom php written blog into a Drupal installation. A simple import script querying basic info like title, date & body from the custom tables and doing a node_save($node) was a piece of cake, so after one hour, a good 500 entries were imported into Drupal. There was one small thing I couldn't fix immediately: those damn MS Word single & double quotes. For some reason, trying to import those made the rest of the entry disappear, so we had to manually copy/paste some of them as I didn't found an immediate solution. If anyone has some tips to fix this, let me know.

Also Drupal related, I got a mail this morning from an (old new - don't ask) colleague for an invitation to a party. To my big suprise, the Druplicon is on the leaflet but I honestly have no freaking idea why they used it. Not sure if I'm going to attend too ..

And to end with: I'm looking for new maintainers for PicLens and User types, I simply don't have enough time and/or interest to keep maintaining them fully, so anyone interested, file an issue in the webmasters queue and it's yours!


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