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September is here, I'm on holiday

This is going to be a short post, because, well, I'm on holiday :) I'm currently in Paris for my fifth DrupalCon, pretty amazing, mostly hacking the time away during the day. I'll be back on sunday for another two lazy weeks with some small trips now and then .. aah life can be great! Till then, santé!

And for my buddies at work, here's a great picture, I'm sure you'll understand :)


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The search for Banksy

Just got back from 3 days visiting Bristol, especially for the Banksy vs Bristol Museum exhibition. There is one room fully dedicated to his work, but the museum also gave him the freedom to alter pieces from the permanent collection. The effect is that you simply keep on searching every room for his work, very entertaining and sometimes extremely funny. More info on, you still have time untill the 31st of august, definitely worth a visit! Another interesting fact is that you can actually go out on the streets and start searching for the still remaining graffiti pieces from Banksy on the walls or amaze yourself at the art from other artists, which are really astonishing most of the time ..


My parents took me to the sea every year for two weeks when I was a little boy. The water, the sun and the sand always make me a bit nostalgic when I return there - and sunburned too of course. For the third time now, there is the Triennial for Contemporary Art by the Sea also known as Beaufort. The combination really makes it a very nice day out and you don't have to rush yourself to see everything as you have time untill october. Make sure you checkout 'Le vent souffle ou il veut' in De Haan, which is my favorite for now - 18 other pieces to see though. I've changed the header image on my site, which was an installation from the previous edition, so you have a sneak peak. I didn't take a lot of other photos myself, but I really do think this one is really neat. The biggest suprise however from the trip is the fact that Blankenberge actually is kinda cool .. but now, time to wash away the last though pieces of sand from my feet!


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No real promises

You won't catch me declaring big predictions for 2009, I did it last year and only half of those promises made it. Although, let me contradict myself: I'll be looking out where Benji-Fun will be around this year and do a bungee jump, that's one thing that I can pull off, right ? At least one highlight without much effort this year is march 2 when I leave for Washington and New York - did I mention that The Big Apple stole my heart last year? - for the upcoming Drupalcon which should rock - again!

However, there is no harm in having small and easy wishes me thinks, so I've put ice-skating, carting and a new-years dive in ice cold water as todo's before 2/3. Anyone ?

update: paintball will be moved more to the summer, in this weather it's simply crazy - although one good argue about the dive which I'll attend at the blaarmeersen on the 18th of january.




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