3x KA and the pink rabbit

I've lost 360k of chips in less than ten minutes on facebook becoming totally broke now. It ain't real money of course, so no harm done. In fact, I'm rather glad since - somehow - playing online poker every day, even it takes only ten minutes, isn't really *that* interesting - everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course. So you won't be seeing me a lot in the poker room anymore, probably a lot less on facebook in general too since it's, and this is an understatement in my point of view, a fairly big waste of time - again, opinions yadayada.

However, if I tell you that since I've seen pictures of the pink rabbit this week, I'm really planning to visit Colletto Fava somewhere in may or june, why would you believe anything I've said in the first paragraph? Only silence on my profile and postcards will prove my good intentions.

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