#D7CX sprint in Belgium

Update 06/01/2010
We have a date and location! See http://drupal.be/evenement/d7cx-sprint

With Drupal 7.0 Alpha 1 coming up soon, we as responsible module maintainers should start worrying a bit. How many of us have already a 7--1 branch or even commited code for modules to work with the latest Drupal ? I for one am pretty guilty and since I made the #D7CX pledge on all of my project pages, I should really start porting. However, this can be quite boring sometimes, sitting along at your desk (or in your couch, wherever ..), so why not organise a sprint, maybe 2 with the Belgium and Dutch community ? Everyone can join, either porting, testing, helping or just catching up with friends.

What do we need ? Not a lot I think:

  • a good internet connection, wifi and/or wired.
  • close connection to food: french fries, quick, pizza or a bio shop ;)
  • drinks: a few beers can't hurt right ?
  • other distractions like a Wii or Xbox

We have all those things available at One Agency in Drongen (near Gent). So that's a first spot were we can happily hack time away if anyone's interested. A complete weekend might be possible if there's a lot of enthousiasm and commitment. I'll post some dates soon on the drupal.be website. So who's in and has also a spot to share with us ?

And since this will be also my last post in 2009: happy new year everyone!

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