#D7CX sprint in Belgium

Update 06/01/2010
We have a date and location! See http://drupal.be/evenement/d7cx-sprint

With Drupal 7.0 Alpha 1 coming up soon, we as responsible module maintainers should start worrying a bit. How many of us have already a 7--1 branch or even commited code for modules to work with the latest Drupal ? I for one am pretty guilty and since I made the #D7CX pledge on all of my project pages, I should really start porting. However, this can be quite boring sometimes, sitting along at your desk (or in your couch, wherever ..), so why not organise a sprint, maybe 2 with the Belgium and Dutch community ? Everyone can join, either porting, testing, helping or just catching up with friends.

What do we need ? Not a lot I think:

  • a good internet connection, wifi and/or wired.
  • close connection to food: french fries, quick, pizza or a bio shop ;)
  • drinks: a few beers can't hurt right ?
  • other distractions like a Wii or Xbox

We have all those things available at One Agency in Drongen (near Gent). So that's a first spot were we can happily hack time away if anyone's interested. A complete weekend might be possible if there's a lot of enthousiasm and commitment. I'll post some dates soon on the drupal.be website. So who's in and has also a spot to share with us ?

And since this will be also my last post in 2009: happy new year everyone!

Joined forces in porting?

Drupal 6 is out now for almost 5 months, but a lot of modules haven't been ported to D6. Yet people seem to screaming for them and with cck and views 2 almost being ready, maybe it's time to join forces and help out other contrib module maintainers. I've got a couple of thoughts I want to throw out in the wild and see if anyone else is interested in this topic.

Which modules?

This won't be easy to decide. It's not because I'm not using module foo for reason bar while other people use it everyday that we should ignore this. Au contraire, there are a lot of them out there used by many people (read: non-technical-geeks with little programming knowledge) which can't be ignored at all. There is a list on http://groups.drupal.org/contributed-module-status where mostly maintainers themselves post the status of their module. Maybe we could create a list (wiki-style) in this group with modules people would like to see ported where activity in that direction seems to be non-existant.

When ?

Anytime! We could even submit a session or a BoF at the upcoming Drupalcon in Szeged or even sit down with some people during the code-sprint and see who's willing to take up what during that time. I'm also proposing a new irc-channel called #drupal-porting (duh) to announce your porting time. After that, your idle time should at least be one hour before you may speak again ;)


Easy: submit patches into the issue queue so people can review and test. Using the coder module, you should be able to get small modules ported in no time at all. You're free to use vim and your knowledge of the api any time if you rather want to do it the hard way of course.

Who will do what ?

That's for every individual to decide. But, if we have a list, we can somehow try to delegate so not everyone is working on the same port at the same time. Everyone is invited to help out, but let's organise and make Drupal 6 a pre-killer release :)

Off topic, I just signed up to Drupalcon Szeged. I you haven't , now is the time as the deadline untill the 1st of july is almost there. It's cheap, just go for it!

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