Mobile restaurant app for EVA on Android

I'm proud to announce the first mobile application for EVA. Late december, I offered to develop an app allowing you to search for restaurants in your neighbourhood, or anywhere in Belgium, serving vegetarian food. After two months of learning and developing, the first version is available on Google Play (aka the Android Market in earlier times) and iTunes. The app is now taken offline.

Besides the java part for the application, I also needed to dive into Joomla, writing my first ever component adding extra administration features in the backend and new dynamic pages on the public website. The look and feel was designed by Koffie Verkeerd. I'm pretty excited with this first release and new features are already planned, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I'm starting (well, rather, learning first) to port the app to iOS, so in case somebody wants to help out, do contact me or EVA so we can make that happen much faster.

The mobile app itself connects with an online database which is managed by the EVA crew, so you are always sure the data is up to date. But that's not all. Features in this first release:

  • Geolocation through Wifi/edge/3G
  • Lot's of criteria to search on: postal code, veggie, etc ..
  • Upload pictures, share or add reviews per restaurant
  • View a google map and ask directions
  • Call directly, send a mail or surf the website
  • Lots of details per restaurant
  • Send in new suggestions

There's a clear social aspect to the site, because all pictures and reviews are also visible on the website. Besides the overview, every restaurant now has its individual page as well, showing all user generated content - if available. Checkout the Komkommertijd page, incidently, my favorite veggie restaurant.

Last, but not least, thanks to Tobias for letting me develop this, Vincent and Pascal for the java reviews and all the first beta testers, your input was invaluable!

Creative food

It would be quite childish to add this to my Amazon wish list, however, I really need one for an experiment I would like todo inspired by this cool post. So, if your kids have one of those play-doh extruders, let me know. Maybe an idea for the next nerd night to create geeky cookies .. Thomas, Fons .. I'll make Drupal* cookies of course :)

* that's the 8th post in a row I mention Drupal heh - however, for all you people who thought my new layout was boring, the old one is back ..


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This weekend I saw little kittens running around in my garden, hiding between the woodblocks behind my garage when they first saw me. They seem to start recognizing me, so they're now very cute to see especially when they start fighting with each other or messing with the food we give them. The mother comes looking after them now and then to feed her kids and runs off again afterwards to search for food. If anyone is interested to adopt a little cat, contact me. I guess they are like two weeks old now, so they should be ready to leave their mother in a month or so.

Restaurant tip of the month

Yesterday, we went to de KomKommertijd where they only serve vegan food. It's an All-You-Can-Eat restaurant and it's good - and cheap (and very healthy considering my eating habits).


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Vegany time

I'm pretty sure it was the first time in my life I ate a complete vegan meal yesterday. Eva made dinner on christmas evening and since she switched to veganism not long ago, we were the first persons to test her new kitchenmagic. I don't have proof of it, but you can believe me on my word, the lasagna she made (no cheese, no meat!) was wonderfull and there was actually nothing left over, so kudo to her! Maybe I should try this more often, but you won't hear me saying that I'll quit my appetite for a good decent piece of meat ;)


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