Quasi un'Utopia : the final act

Two years after I announced my piano challenge - to be fair, I really only took it serious this year - le moment suprΓͺme has arrived: I'll be performing the Moonlight Sonata the 8th of December on a concert in the church of Zevergem. I'm not alone that afternoon: together with 2 choirs and the harmony orchestra of De Pinte, we'll be playing to raise money for Studio Brussel's De Warmste Week. You will also be able to place bets whether I'm actually going to finish the third movement or not, so there's some extra pressure on my shoulders ...

Even if I fail at the performance, I got something really good out of it: I won't stop playing the piano after the event, so who knows what the future brings. So many thanks to my teacher Dorien for her patience and good advice. I wouldn't be able to even get on stage by now if I hadn't followed these lessons!

I've notified most people I knew who wanted to come. However, in case I missed someone and you're interested, contact me and I'll send all the details how to buy tickets to attend the event.

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