Display suite - 1.0

I am so proud to announce the first release of the Display suite module. It took us a bit longer than expected, a few API changes still got in the last month, even days - despite my promise, mea culpa - but finally it's there: Display Suite, Node displays, Node displays contributions (including cck, fivestar, search and ubercart support) and Comment displays are tagged as DRUPAL-6--1-0. We polished the build modes, added basic features support, made a few changes so we can basically add more field types and made it possible to export, import or revert (default) settings and fields.

To celebrate all this exciting news, we've created a new screencast and setup a demonstration site on which you can login to play around with the settings. We've added tons of documentation on d.o where you can find the API, snippets, info about all modules and last but not least, our roadmap, which you can consult to see where we're at and what the next steps will be.

Important to know is:

  • we are dropping support on the 6--1 branches of ND and ND contrib which are outdated and simply lack the power which DS has now. I guess we're in a bit of luck here since we didn't release an official package of that branch in the first place.
  • User displays is not finished and has no official 1.0 release yet. Take a look at the roadmap or the issue queue to see what's left todo for this to get out. Of course, helping along with other issues is also good.

Thanks to a lot of people, but most notably Zuuperman and Stalski, my fellow Drupal code monkeys at work, Jyve, Mzenner and Wimmmmm for their ideas, feedback, testing and bug reports and last, but not least, Deciphered, maintainer of the custom formatters module which integrates perfectly with DS now.

And now off for some well deserved rest - the next time I'll look at DS code again will be at the #D7CX sprint in two weeks at the Krimson offices to start porting all this fine stuff to D7. Till then, ditch your templates, simply CSS and drag 'n drop away!


mzenner on Thu, 04/02/2010 - 23:26

This module rulez! :)

Steven on Fri, 05/02/2010 - 01:48

Excellent idea.

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