Quasi un'Utopia : the very beginning

I like personal challenges. For 2018 my main goal is being able to play Piano Sonata No. 14 (aka Quasi una fantasia or Moonlight Sonata) by Beethoven. To make it even more stressful, december 8 has been set as tentative date where I will perform the piece in public, a bet I made with my father in law. Place to be is a small church in Zevergem, Belgium, which has great acoustics. Don't put this in your agenda yet as I will make the final decision on september the first. If I don't feel confident enough that I will make it, there won't be a public performance, at least this year :)

It's a huge shot in the dark, given my limited (read, practically nonexistent) skills on the piano at this moment. I made a rough schedule with monthly goals which, currently, seem very doable. The first (and quite important) goal has been achieved: actually owning a decent piano at home. To make it a bit more fun for myself, I'm going to post monthly video updates. It will keep me focused as there's some pressure now since I made this public, which I doubted doing at first. So without further ado, here's the intro video. A special thank you to @plach__ for suggesting me the working title of this challenge: Quasi un'Utopia.


Wim Leers on Sat, 17/02/2018 - 23:20

Wow! Wow! This blog post has me very excited :D

First: this announcement is AWESOME. We should be living in Ghent by that time, so we will definitely attend your public performance. The video is SUPERB by the way — we actually laughed out loud! Anneleen hasn't met you yet in person, but is already a fan :P

Second: I'd love to do something similar, but I have *zero* background in music, so this would most definitely be overly ambitious for me :) Some day.

Thanks for doing this, and thanks for sharing!

(And Francesco, thank you for that hilarious working title! Funny to see your name pop up here after collaborating with you quite a bit in the past month — small world!)

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