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I haven't come far in my search for Banksy and I didn't get any more clues after seeing Exit through the gift shop this week where to find him - actually, not even trying to find him, however, if you, yes you, Banksy, ever read this, just send me a mail, will you? Even a single dot will do.

Anyway, after doing art on the street, galleries and now the movie, it's time to hit the internet. So, a tiny brainstorm and a few javascript lines later, I came up with this button on which you can click underneath or drag in your bookmarks browser to tag any website with a random Banksy piece. Actually, 1 is not from him, but if you, yes you, Banksy, ever read this, just send me more and better stuff to tag sites with, will you ? Or someone who's better than me creating non pixelized pictures to work on sites with dark backgrounds ...

Banksy tag!

You can also drag that link to your bookmarks bar or a tab and start tagging other sites.

On internet explorer ? Right click and choose "Add to favorites" (yes, it's safe).

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