Turning 30

In less than 2 months, I'm celebrating the 30th year on this planet and I want everyone to share that day with me. I'm throwing a party the 7th of june 2008 with 4 other friends at the Tequila in Gent (stalhof 4). We chose this place because we're able to play our own music, so expect some nostalgic tunes from the 90's. If you read this and you feel like coming, you're invited. I'll send out e-mails too, but I'm pretty sure I'll forget a lot of people. Don't feel offended if you are one of them, it's not my intention, just come along and we'll buy you some beers! And if you have some spare time: try to match our names with a kid on the picture.


Shabash Morton on Wed, 23/07/2008 - 18:08

Welcome to Thirtysomething!!! How does it feel to have completed three decades on this planet? How was the party?

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