Webmention.io integration for Drupal 8

I've had my site for quite some time now, the internet archive goes way back to 2002 even! To be fair, most of the content until 2007 wasn't that interesting (not sure what makes me think it is nowadays though, but okay ... ), but it was mostly the primary source of well .. me :). Apart from that, I also use Twitter, but I want to turn this around and let my site be the primary source. The IndieWeb movement is something I only recently discovered, but somehow, the philosophy was in my mind for the last few weeks, and I am not the only one that is talking about it.

So, as a first small step, to figure out who links to my content, I created a simple Drupal 8 module that can receive and store webmentions and pingbacks from Webmention.io. The source is available at https://github.com/swentel/webmention_io. I'll move this drupal.org at some point once it gets into a more polished state, but it also depends on further iterations of getting more interaction feedback to my site.

Update: The repository has already moved to https://github.com/swentel/indieweb - sorry in case you were using it already :) The module allows you to receive webmentions, send webmentions to brid.gy which will look for the microformats added by the module on content and images. Micropub and Microsub are on the way too!

https://brid.gy/ is polling Twitter and forwarding those mentions to this site, and currently likes are being exposed and replies are stored as comments, which is very cool! See the sweet magic happening right on note #4.

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