Wrap-up of the weekend

It's tuesday and I'm still a bit tired from the weekend. I came home late on friday evening after a day in Holland for a Dutch Drupal conference. Especially Yweyn's presentation about oss licences, with a focus on the differences between gpl2 and 3, was extremely interesting. One hour was not enough in my opinion, so I guess we'll have to ask him again one day.

On saturday, I had a birthday party together with 4 other friends. It was way cool to see some old friends again having a fun night. Some things I learned:

  1. Rock'n'Roll is not dead on parties. We allready have the idea to organize another one next year.
  2. I need to introduce some friends to my old homies from Gent, so they can share the money for the tux when I turn 40.
  3. Nearly anything fits if the hole in your earlobe is big enough.
  4. Though looking guys with leather jackets and big beards do like madonna.
  5. I have all the respect for taxi drivers who bring people home, often quite wasted :)

Anyway, thanks to everyone who passed by, played music, drank beer and so on. See you next year maybe!

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