Pushed a new release for the #Indigenous app for Android. Now supports multiple accounts! #indieweb

Not completely sure about the dark blue colored hair, but oh well :) #thingsyoudojustbefore40

@frontendunited 2016 was already optimized for a watch. @MathieuSpil needs a new challenge I think, how small can we go ? :)

Glad to see the #IndieWeb module working on @royscholten 's #Drupal site. And apart from a small hiccup on an external service, the setup went relatively smooth! See the interaction on :) So who's next?

Last alpha for the #IndieWeb module for #Drupal 8. A security review is up next to get into beta, so feel free to break it if you're interested, but be gentle if you find something, deal ? :)

Experimenting to add support in the #drupal #indieweb module to interact with the fediverse via I can like and repost on Mastodon already! Atom feeds can be exposed now too, WebSub is next! #exciting

Started working on a #drupal 8 theme for a Homebrew Website Club site to use on Install with the #indieweb module and you're setup in no time! Downloads at
In Malmö from saturday for a week. If there's anything we should really see, let me know! We like weird, hidden, nature, books, art, sometimes creepy (bone church!) things .. Outside the city is fine too as we're by car. Or get a tattoo by @EvaMpatshi, also fun :)
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