Pushed a new release for the #Indigenous app for Android. Now supports multiple accounts! #indieweb

Not completely sure about the dark blue colored hair, but oh well :) #thingsyoudojustbefore40

@frontendunited 2016 was already optimized for a watch. @MathieuSpil needs a new challenge I think, how small can we go ? :)

Glad to see the #IndieWeb module working on @royscholten 's #Drupal site. And apart from a small hiccup on an external service, the setup went relatively smooth! See the interaction on :) So who's next?

Last alpha for the #IndieWeb module for #Drupal 8. A security review is up next to get into beta, so feel free to break it if you're interested, but be gentle if you find something, deal ? :)

Experimenting to add support in the #drupal #indieweb module to interact with the fediverse via I can like and repost on Mastodon already! Atom feeds can be exposed now too, WebSub is next! #exciting

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