Started working on a #drupal 8 theme for a Homebrew Website Club site to use on Install with the #indieweb module and you're setup in no time! Downloads at
In Malmö from saturday for a week. If there's anything we should really see, let me know! We like weird, hidden, nature, books, art, sometimes creepy (bone church!) things .. Outside the city is fine too as we're by car. Or get a tattoo by @EvaMpatshi, also fun :)
Identified 15 issues that should lead to a first beta of the #IndieWeb module for #Drupal 8. Feel free to jump in! Or help out with the other remaining 80, that's awesome too :)

Booked my ticket for @frontendunited I'll be there wednesday evening, looking forward! To be fair, secretly one of my favourite conferences :)

Pity to hear that Steak Number Eight is retiring. Great band, and not afraid to shoot dark, yet funny clips. is great to watch, especially if you know Gent a bit :)

Want a template and contextual links on custom block content rendered outside the Block context in Drupal 8? might be for you. Will sync back to d.o if there's a lot of interest. #drupal #blocks
Deer Foundation by Willem Boel - water falling out of wheelbarrows on top of a building, near a parking meter, so watch out :) #gent #water #art
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