So how about we start a Homebrew Website Club meetup in Gent to share ideas, work on projects (#drupal module!) ... every two weeks ? Who would join ? I could do a #indieweb 101 introduction first to get started! See
I can listen to the weekly #indieweb podcast by @schmarty directly from Indigenous on my android phone. Getting very close to start rolling out a first alpha release!

Finished the #PlanetaryPursuit with a view on the cliffs in Senneville. Amazing view with Fecamp at the tip .. #Normandie

Figuring out to get some partial funding for working on #indieweb projects: Drupal module and Indigenous. It's huge fun working on them in my spare time, but there's ton of work to make it fully happen (e.g. 53 known issues and growing). Tips welcome!
Video sneak preview of Indigenous on #android: authentication, channel and items reading (basic); Oh and posting a note with image to my site :) #indieweb #drupal
First tryout with led lights on the wings of my #drone and long exposure at night .. need to work on flying in nice patterns now :)

@pstuifzand do you think I could get an alpha invite for your micropub client. Curious to test :) Working myself on (and pinging you now from it heh)

Found my first cache for the Planetary Pursuit, only 99 to go - or I should find some higher valued ones :) #geocaching
Tagged the first alpha release of the Indieweb module for Drupal 8. Includes webmentions, publishing, microformats, comment creation and micropub. Let's get the party started! #indieweb #drupal
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