Found my first cache for the Planetary Pursuit, only 99 to go - or I should find some higher valued ones :) #geocaching
Tagged the first alpha release of the Indieweb module for Drupal 8. Includes webmentions, publishing, microformats, comment creation and micropub. Let's get the party started! #indieweb #drupal
Started working on an android version of Indigenous. The authentication already works and I can post notes from it, yes! (code online soon) #indieweb #drupal #android

Posting a note using Indigenous to my site, this is awesome! Guess I have to start on an Android version now .. #drupal #indieweb // cc @Dries @EddieHinkle

So if you now reply on Twitter, it will create a comment on that node on my site (moderated though, I know you all like spamming!) #indieweb #drupal
Finally got to expose webmentions in a block. Getting slower and slower to alpha state! #drupal #indieweb
Killed the webmention_io module, new module at : minimal microformats (more coming soon) and publishing in it!
If you see this on Twitter, then it means is able to publish this from my site after sending a webmention :) #indieweb
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