Slides for my #IndieWeb session at #drupalcampbe are available at #drupal

If this post is visible on Mastodon, then it's time for a little party no ?

Scared about all the terminology in #indieweb ? I'll guide you next week at @drupalcampbe! Also, a new (breaking - apologies) beta is out, check the release notes if you'd like to upgrade - next up RC!

All #IndieWeb functionality now lives in a dedicated sub modules, so you can actually choose which ones to enable. That was a fun refactoring :) #drupal #longlivetests

The #IndieWeb module for #drupal now contains all major building blocks internally. No need to rely on external services anymore! (except for AP and WebSub, but coming soon). Will start stabilizing now to get to a first RC - although one painful update might still be needed (including for myself)

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The Drupal #indieweb module now contains a built-in IndieAuth server. Authorize applications by simply logging in with your Drupal account! Last service to add is an internal webmention endpoint, stay tuned!

Updating my CV, adding 17 years of experience with PHP. And I still often mix up the arguments with in_array() and strpos() #newbie #php

So a kick start module included as a sub module, which contains optional config, but also overrides simple configuration from the main module on install: go or no go ? I really don't want to go for a profile #drupal

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